Best Tools Improve YouTube Growth | Lifetime Deals to Grow | Save $2000 a Year

What are the coolest apps to promote and grow your Youtube channel?
What are the best tools to improve your workflow?
I will show you all the tools I use to help you grow your channel much faster, make your life easier and save you a lot of time.
We will cover other media channels, mailing services, SEO tools, automatic media posting, and music. But best of all, I have some fantastic lifetime deals and discounts that will save you lot’s of money, so stay tuned!

I promise you, if you read till the end, there will be some tools you probably never heard of before that will save you time and, more importantly, money.

Let’s start with SEO or Search Engine optimization

The two most significant players on the SEO market for YouTube are TubeBuddy and VidIQ. They do more or less the same and help you find the perfect keywords for titles, descriptions, and tags. Both services cover all kinds of analysis tools to see how your video ranks and compares to other videos. 

As we speak, the YouTube algorithm changed again drastically, so the use of tags may not be as relevant as before, but you still need help to find the right keywords to have your video ranked as high as possible.

If you are just starting out or below the 1000 subscribers, I recommend TubeBuddy because they offer a 50% discount on their Pro Plan. This will save you over 43$ per year.

Both TubeBuddy and VidIQ have a free version, which I recommend installing both on your channel. Even if you don’t go for a paid version, you will benefit from the free versions.

Check out TubeBuddy!
Check Out VidIQ!

A few years ago, I started this YouTube channel without any knowledge of filming, editing, but above all, my social media knowledge was more or less Facebook and… Facebook.
To improve your channel’s visibility, you need to use all the possible media that can help you boost your YouTube.
Promote your YouTube videos as much as possible, as much as you have the time to follow up.

You probably already have some following from friends on FaceBook or Instagram. Just start a professional page for your niche or promote it on your personal account. It doesn’t matter, but you need to let people know in any possible way you have a new video out. Share links on Facebook, drop pictures or even better, Reels on Instagram to have people hungry for more. Twitter and Pinterest are also beneficial to grow your audience and if you have the time, expand with Linkedin, Reddit and Tumblr.

Social Media Planner

For me, it was getting too much. I literally spent hours per day posting new material on all different channels.

That was until I found out about SocialChamp. This service lets you plan weeks or months in advance. You just paste or write a text, add a picture. Post instantly or schedule it in the future. When the time is right, it will upload it automatically to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more with a single click. This tool lets you plan reposts anytime while you are enjoying your Pina Colada. 

It comes with a great drag and drop calendar overview to let you know your planning for the next week, months or years to come! 

Their first tier is the professional plan and will cost you 9$ a month if you pay annually. Because I have more media channels, I chose to go for the monthly 89$ Business account because I needed more options. I got this most fantastic deal for you! You can have the Lifetime for only 49$. For me, this was a no-brainer, and it saved me hours of work a day, and above all, it saved me a lot of money!

If you post a lot on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, please check it out. You will thank me later! Find the link below for the discounted lifetime deal!

Lifetime Deal Social Champ!


Do you have so many media channels and don’t want to check each channel’s statistics every day? This is where “Authentic” for influencers comes in handy.

Just log in, add your channels and let Authentic do the hard work for you.

In one overview, you check all your growth from all your Social Media, including YouTube.

 You can even download complete reports to share if needed.

This tool’s pricing is $9.99 per month, but if you click the affiliate link below, you can have this premium version for $49.99 for the rest of your life. Yes, you heard that correct. It’s a limited lifetime deal that will save you almost $120 per year.

Authentic for influencers Lifetime Deal!

Everybody is curious about how a video is eventually ranking. To quickly check your or other peoples video performance for free, check out YTRank. Just enter your video URL, your specific keywords and see the ranking of a video.
It’s easy, and it’s free!

Another great free tool is Social Blade, where you can check out possible earnings if you are monetized and see some future predictions based on your current channel growth.

Instagram Bio Link Page

While using tools like Instagram, you may need to redirect your audience sometimes to more channels. Unfortunately, Instagram allows you to place only one link in your Bio Profile.

If you don’t want to change your link every week when you upload a new video, you may be tempted to use a service like Linktree. Being one of the most popular link services, it also comes with a nice price tag where the Pro version charges you $6 a month.

Too much for you? I was thinking the same. 

GoBio link offers the same services, but they have a one-time payment offer of $19, and you will link for free with unlimited accounts. So yes, that means your friend, girlfriend, brothers, moms, and grandmas can benefit from your account. The best of all, it’s free for the rest of your life with this lifetime deal.

GoBio Link Lifetime Deal!

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Speaking of mail!

Did you know mailing is one of the most underestimated tools to reach your followers? You can set up an email list right in your outlook, but it will possibly be very time-consuming.

MailChimp lets you set up landing pages and set full planning of emails for months or years. A one-time setup and let the system do the work for you while relaxing or travelling. If you don’t want to pay $52.99 a month for 5000 subscribers with MailChimp, you are probably better off with SendFox.
For 5000 subs, you will have to pay only $49. You want to hear something cool? That’s a one-time payment for a lifetime deal. 
Doing a quick calculation, this deal will save you $586 the first year and $635 every following year!

Just claim this incredible deal by clicking the link below.

SendFox Lifetime Deal!

Getting more people subscribing to a newsletter may be not all that easy. Having a website can help. Investing in a blog or site will give people a single place to return to hear your latest news.

It’s the perfect place to invite your watching audience to subscribe to a newsletter. Your mails will redirect them to the latest video or post.


Cooperating with brands, restaurants, or hotels may give you some free items to do a giveaway. Giveaways are an excellent incentive to collect email addresses. Kingsumo integrates flawlessly with SendFox. It’s easy to set up and is available as a lifetime deal for only $49 if you hit the link below.

KingSumo Lifetime Deal!

Are you ready for live-streaming?

To be honest, I’m not, but I do have plans to do live-streaming sessions in the future. While searching for some needed features, I found out about Switchboard. As far as I know, it’s the only service to allow multiple streaming on different users platforms. This without having to share crucial information like passwords. This means I can set up a stream with more people and share not only to my YouTube channel but also to other peoples channels.

They integrate with other services like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or you set up a custom destination. For the Geeks here, they have over 25 encoders ready to use, including OBS and Zoom.

Recently, they are offered a lifetime deal of $59 for 3 users with 5 simultaneous streaming destinations. They also provide higher tiers if you need more. If you check out the price on their website, you will find out the same plan will cost you $99 per month. This will save you almost $1000 a year.

This was a case of now or never because I didn’t want to lose out on this deal.
The deal is now finished but they may offer it again soon so stay tuned for updates about any future promotions!

Let’s finish with a bang and probably the most essential for your video, which is the music.

Music For YouTube

The right music will make a video stand out from the crowd.
Epidemic Sound is, for me, the number one service when it comes to music.

They have the right feeling and style for everything. Just click on the right filter that describes the mood you’re looking for and browse away. If you already have the TubeBuddy Pro Plan or higher, don’t forget to claim your 25% discount on this subscription.

Epidemic Sound!

Return On Investment (ROI)

All the paid apps and tools I showed you were an investment for my channel. They cost me some money, but in the end, it will save me over 2000$ a year. Especially these lifetime deals will give you a high return on investment.

The lifetime deals and discounts are available now, but they may not last forever. So grab them while you can or have them ready for the near future. Some of the links may be affiliate links. They will not cost you more but a lot less than through the official websites. Clicking the link will help us a little more to keep the channel growing, making wonderful content, and have some new giveaways coming to you soon.

Do you think I forgot some honourable mentions? I would love to hear about it, so drop your tips and ideas in the comments below.

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